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Twin Tax By Pinkney has been helping clients in Fort McMurray achieve their financial goals. Read our satisfied clients reviews below.

"Pinkney Wealth has always understated the percentages that they earns their clients. The returns have exceeded my expectations. I confidently follow their advice. Good bye tension, hello pension. Well played."

"I started investing with Pinkney Wealth when I was 28 now I'm 48 and with their help I’m looking at retiring early. Their personal approach and passion for helping people through life has been a pillar in my investment strategy."

"For years I had all my investment monies tied up with my bank, and nothing was happening; my money wasn’t growing at all, and no one at the bank cared. I couldn’t see what was happening with my money and I couldn’t access it. Then I went to Pinkney Financial, and they worked with me to better position my investments. I have been with them for years now, what a difference. The service is professional and personal. I appreciate Wayne’s perspective and his understanding of the needs of the retiree, and someone does care, whereas dealing with a 30-year-old at the bank was a waste of time. I like to explain it like this: “I have a bucket of money with Pinkney Wealth, and for years I have been dipping into that bucket to maintain my comfortable and fun lifestyle including international travel, and the bucket stays full; it’s amazing, MAGIC!” The above average long-term returns have supported my worldwide globetrotting I am very grateful to Pinkney Financial for personal help on more than one occasion, to help me achieve my goals and dreams for travel for example. Wayne helped me with a strategy to use my own money to buy myself a new car, avoiding penalties, loans or interest."

"Over the years Pinkney Wealth has made retirement a reality - within arms reach. They gave our financial profile the detail and attention needed with great success."

"Pinkney Wealth has been instrumental in the growth of my pension plans that I had with previous employers. Even throughout the pandemic my investments are still gaining. This tells you you’re in the right spot. We live on the other side of Canada now and still have great trust in Pinkney."

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